Ian Lawrence: New Works : Documenting the Process

1 March 2024
"I spent a while staring into space, imagining each image. I don't begin work until I know what I'm creating. It may not stay that way but without a clear starting point, I find a painting has no firm direction and often fails."

This month we are bringing you a closer look at the skill and work that goes in to Ian Lawrence's original paintings. Ian has meticulously documented the progress of his newest painting 'A Walk through the Hills' so you can see just how his paintings develop and change over time. Alongside 'A Walk through the Hills'' Ian has released two new works in his popular 30 x 30 cm size entitled 'Through to Green' and 'Optimism'. You can see the development of each of these works on the 'installation views' tab above. 


Whilst always abstract, each original painting is unique and impossible to recreate. One of the qualities of his work that captivates his collectors is how paintings change as you move around them. You can view a piece from one side and as you move the colours change, sometimes quite dramatically.

It’s for this reason you’ll often see people slowly pacing side to side trying to absorb the painting from all angles. Light is crucial to these changes but also is the addition of gilding. Gilding can often be found between layers of acrylic, it’s not always immediately obvious but as you move it moves, and with that the painting changes. While golden gilding on the surface is beautiful, so are the hidden layers underneath that create a subtle, often pearlescent, shine.


All of Ian Lawrence's available works can be viewed in the document below. They are also available to view on his artist page. 

Ian Lawrence - Available Works